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Chinese current events and U.S manufacturing In” Chinese current events and U.S manufacturing” it talks about how some things such as suicides and strikes have started making some manufacturers become worried about spending money to have Chinese products brought overseas. But other people are saying that the events are no concern because the market and demand for products are too high to stop having Chinese products brought over. Even with the demand for Chinese manufacturing, manufacturing in the U.S rather than spending tons of money overseas in looking to be a smarter decision each day. If we stop manufacturing with China this would cause an increase in demand for U.S manufacturers. Which might be a good thing for us because then we can increase jobs and have a decrease in foreclosure and homelessness. http://blog.thefabricator.com/?p=1654 Storms cause widespread power outages demand in central Indiana In “Storms cause widespread power outages demand in central Indiana” it talks about how on June 29th, 2012 in central and northern Indiana had a massive storm which cause millions to lose their power. It states that Duke Energy reported that at 6 pm 50,000 houses had no power due to the storms. IPL reported that 15,000 customers were without power. Thankfully no one was hurt in the storm, but many were out of power and still are from the storm. Utilities demand will increase because of the huge storm we had causing many power outages causing an increase in demand for the utility company’s services.

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