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Sunday School Essay Sunday School Essay As a believer in Christ, we face lot of problems. We may be going through bullying at school; our workmates would start to harass us in our job. We would also be getting denied, rejected and even abused because of our religion. You may be laughing at this statement and say “we are living in USA. Nothing happens here. We are all free”. But when you actually look at a map, you would realize atleast 700 unknown countries who would feel like this experience is normal. Therefore, in this essay, I would be giving five major problems that we the people face in this environment. I would also tell how you overcome it. One of these biggest challenges is maintaining our Christian values by being in an American society with lot of bad people, music, movies and magazines. As Christians, we read the bible to learn God’s principles and base it in our life. We also need the Holy Spirit to give us the power to apply these principles to our daily lives. We will be transformed and our minds will be renewed with spiritual values. Another way for Christians to have their minds renewed is by listening to good Christian music while they are traveling in their car or in their homes. As they listen to songs praising God, it lifts their spirits, renews their minds and attitudes, and decreases their daily stress. Another challenge that Christians face is the need to be part of society and have fun with their friends while still maintaining their Christian values and lifestyle. This challenge can be overcome by having fun in social activities within Christian groups. Many Christian churches have social activities that are fun and meaningful. For example, Christian concerts, social gathering, prayer groups, bible groups. The third challenge that Christians face is maintaining their Christian values while going through the public education system

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