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Rhetorical Essay On October 3rd, 208 three of our classmates were sent to the hospital on drug overdose. We were stuck in our classrooms for hours, not allowed to leave, wondering what was going on. No one had any idea how they were doing or if they were even going to make it through the night. While all of the students ended up alright, this event really opened everyone’s eyes to the real dangers of drugs. After that day school officials have been working with the county sheriffs’ office, conveniently located on campus, to help prevent anything like this from happening again. The school has since decided to perform random drug screenings and property screening monthly as a precaution to keep this sort of event from happening again. These searches could be a great benefit to our school, there would be lass students using drugs, GPA’s would increase, and our school would be a safer place. These searches could cut down on the drug use in our school dramatically. Studies say that 78 percent of schools who initiated regular drug searches saw a dramatic reduction in drug use within the next four months. If the school decides to continue the searches then there would be at least a 67 percent less drugs on school property. Because there are fewer drugs, they will be much harder for students to get. If drugs were harder to obtain, then less students would be likely to use them. Because fewer students would be under the influence during school hours, the schools GPA’s would increase. When students are free to focus on their studies and not on drugs they get better grades. Students who use drugs are easily distracted and unable to remember material as well as students who do not use drugs. On average schools that have regular searches have, on average, a school wide GPA that is .5 higher than schools that do not have the searches. While some students and parents feel that

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