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CSC331 Midterm Exam Answers Print Name: _Dr. Lee__ Due: 6 pm, July 3, 2006 Note: 1. This is a take-home exam. 2. Print and sign your name. 3. E-MAIL your answers and submit a HARDCOPY to me by due day. Part I: True/False (remove the incorrect answer, 50%, 0.5% for each question) 1-20 : Chapter 1, 21-40: Chapter 2, 41-60: Chapter 3, 61-80: Chapter 4, 81-100: Chapter 5. T 1. Traditionally, a company either developed its own information systems, called inhouse applications, or purchased systems called software packages from outside vendors. F F F F F F 2. A mission-critical system is one that is unimportant to a company’s operations. 3. In an information system, data is information that has been transformed into output that is valuable to users. 4. In an information system, information consists of basic facts that are the system’s raw material. 5. System software consists of programs that support day-to-day business functions and provide users with the information they require. 6. Application software manages hardware components, which can include a single workstation or a global network with many thousands of clients. 7. A horizontal system is designed to meet the unique requirements of a specific business or industry, such as a Web-based retailer, a medical practice, or a video chain. 8. A vertical system is a system, such as an inventory or payroll application, that can be adapted for use in many different companies. 9. The success or failure of an information system usually is unrelated to whether users are satisfied with the system’s output and operations. 10. A business process describes a specific set of transactions, events, tasks, and results. Signature: _______________ Score: _____ F F T F F F T 11. Product-oriented companies primarily offer information or services or sell goods produced by others. 12. Service-oriented companies manufacture and

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