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Sexy Bobby Marsden Essay

  • Submitted by: ross101
  • on May 25, 2011
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“Rest comfortably; draw attention to your breathing. Your breathing becomes deep slow and rhythmic”   (Bailey page 8)

In order to discuss whether or not a personalised introduction is always more effective it is important to establish exactly what is meant by the term.

According to hub pages.com “Hypnotic Induction is the process by which we enter a state of Trance. That is a state of focused yet relaxed attention with the benefit of an increased communication between our Conscious and Subconscious Mind. A Self Hypnosis Induction it's not so difficult to perform, as being under Hypnosis or in a Trance state is quite common. Highway Hypnosis or Book Hypnosis, when you're reading such a good book that someone to have your attention must touch you, are common examples”   (http://www. hubpages.com/hub/Self-Hypnosis-Induction-Learn-how-to-go-into-trance-by-yourself.)

According to Carl Allen Schoner “It is important to understand that in hypnotherapy there is no such thing as universal script” (Schoner page 131)

Thus due to the fact that everybody who comes to see a hypnotherapist with have different needs and equipped with the knowledge that one man’s passion is another man’s poison no   generic script will cater for everybody.

However with careful assessment it is possible for the hypnotherapist to tailor make a script which sustains personalised criteria that correlates with specific needs.     (Schoner page 131)

Thus in this respect by personalising an introduction it is possible to set an overall theme and an agenda for what the therapy is intending to achieve.

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