Sexualization of Women Athletes Essay

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Leanne Whittemore December 12th, 2014 PHED 318 Professor Rosenthal From Strong, Fit, and Athletic to a Sexual Object It’s pretty clear that in today’s society males are the dominate figures in sports. They receive a tremendous more amount of media attention than female athletes. Young boys grow up watching television bombarded with heroic images of male athletes. They have something to look up to, while young girls don’t receive the same thing. “Girls see a double standard in covering women’s sports. When male athletes receive media attention, such coverage is primarily focused on their skills and performance. When female athletes receive media attention, the media is much more likely to focus on their physical attractiveness or non-sport-related activities” (Daniels, 2009, Pg 405). Sexualization is defined as occurring when a person's value comes only from her or his sexual appeal or behavior, to the exclusion of other characteristics, and when a person is sexually objectified, e.g., made into a thing for another's sexual use (APA, 2011). By sexualizing women athletes, the media has given younger generations a false sense of reality. Senator Bayh probably did not think this was going to be an issue when he first introduced Title IX. Title IX, was a bill passed in 1972 that stated “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of gender, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance”. Since then an increased number of girls and women have become involved in sports. This led to a growing amount of girls participating in high school and college sports, which created a lot of publicity, support and media coverage. Not many people can tell you that the Phoenix Mercury defeated the Chicago Sky last season for the WNBA

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