Sexuality Stages Essay

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A Therapist Scenario based Exploration Our sexuality evolves as we grow; each stage of life has its own unique presentation, cause and effect. In the following paper we will examine three scenarios which will approach different stages of sexuality; choices and recommendations from a therapist’s point of view. We will be examining approaches a therapist might take in a counseling session to aid the subjects with making choices, understanding physical and psychological changes, and ways to overcome obstacles that affect the expression of sexuality. Our first scenario involves Anna, an adolescent girl, who is very much in love with her boyfriend; three years older than she. He is putting a lot of pressure on her to have sex. At the same time, she is anxious about her parents’ attitude towards her boyfriend. Her mother constantly warns her about dating an older boy and assumes that he intends on taking advantage of her. I would begin by educating Anna on the changes her body is going through and how they affect her perceptions and emotional status. Anna is assumed to be in the adolescent stage which is filled with the signals from raging hormones and the desire to fit in socially. Undoubtedly this is her first love or crush and her desire to please her boyfriend is direct conflict with her parents’ desires and her upbringing. I would recommend that Anna explore her options by making available the basics of the sexual decision making process which include critical thinking, situational assessment and individual assessment of what it is she wants and why. By having her assess her situation and the factors that influence it she is better able to make a decision based on what she wants and needs as well as understanding the pros and cons of making such a weighty decision. After discussing her choices and coming to a decision I would be sure to educate her on the

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