Sexuality In Dracula Essay

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Freudian Psycho-sexuality in Dracula Often we think of Bram Stokers Dracula as just another monster book. Which at first it was considered a normal horror story until later critics started to figure out themes of sexuality in the novel. Of those critics most lean towards the Freudian psycho-sexual standpoint. Some of these themes are reverse sexuality, female sexuality in the Victorian Era, and many metaphors for sexuality. First about the Victorian Era, women was oppressed in a major way. for example a women could not let a man talk to her in slangy way also a man was not allowed to touch her in any sort of a sexual way. also a women could not be loud or have an opinion of her own. Any kind of sexual contact or talk was saved to be in private and after marriage. Foster says that Victorian age sex was nearly impossible to find in polite literature. Reason why was do to very strict censorship enforced officially and also self imposed (pg. 144). In the book Dracula the two female figures Mina and Lucy, Mina is the example of the proper Victorian women, she writes letters to Jonathan and others, and she is practicing to become a secretary (A very stereotypical job for a Victorian woman). Then you have Lucy on the other hand she starts as the example of a Victorian women. Until she becomes a Vampire then she becomes the exact opposite of a proper women. And with the Victorian idea of women Lucy's Fiancee and friends were very repulsed with how she was acting when she was dead they thought it was absolutely appalling. Now in the 1992 Bram Stokers, Dracula Lucy is the exact opposite of a proper women in Victorian era even before she becomes a Vampire. She is loud, she touches men gets close to them, and she draws attention to herself. And the three men that proposed to her think it is fine and attractive. That was Bram Stokers way of slipping in the attitudes

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