Sexuality And The Older Adult Essay

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Sexuality and the Older Ill Adult NR 305 Health Assessment Chamberlain College of Nursing March 20, 2011 Introduction Sexuality is a part of life that does not cease to exist because a person ages or has become chronically ill. The article, “Sexuality and the Chronically Ill Older Adult: A Social Justice Issue” published in Sexuality and Disability by Verna C. Pangman, RN., M.Ed, M.N. and Marilyn Seguire, RN., B.ScN., M.N. discusses aging and sexuality and how it is perceived by the chronically ill older adult, nurses and other health professionals, and society. This paper will include a summary and evaluation of the above noted article. Summary This article explains that sexuality is a natural part of life that affects one’s identity as a human being, while allowing the opportunity to express affection as well as other bodily emotions (Pangman & Seguire, 2000). Society tends to think of older adults as asexual although in reality; many older adults continue to have sexually satisfying lives well into old age. As the older adult begins to experience chronic illness, sexuality is often ignored and society fails the person by failure to recognize that sexual health and well being are important to the older adult and giving them the sense of feeling devalued and unimportant (Pangman & Seguire, 2000). The article defines sexuality as “one of the most natural and basic aspects of one’s life as a human being” (Pangman & Seguire, 2000, p. 51). It focuses on an individual’s self-esteem, self concept, and body image while completely defining the individual and who they are (Pangman & Seguire, 2000). Sexuality is expressed not only in a physical aspect but also psychologically and socially by serving as a way to show intimacy and closeness, loyalty, passion and affection (Pangman & Seguire, 2000). As defined by the World Health
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