Sexual Theme in Mass Media

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Our generation in America now has portrayed sexuality everywhere in media. We can’t go a day without seeing some sort of sex related event. From tv commercials to songs, to magazines. Sometime I can’t help but feel like it has more negative consequences than positive consequences. But despite the bad outcome out weighing the good outcome, I still think that there are some positive forces out there mixed in our media about sexuality. In one of the song by The Maine title call “Inside of you” has a lot of sexual related theme in its lyrics. The song talks about a girl and a guy who had gotten drunk and acts as if sex was just a game. I'm on a trip, I can't get off, Can't get over... I want it all, I want it all Inside of you... I call you you up You're getting off I'm coming over You're 21 I see your eyes, you're barely sober I hear your voice You're calling out From me to you I pour a drink You move in quick, You're moving forward Then you said, Noooo, whoahhhh I'm never gonna be inside of you And I said, Noooo, whoahhhh I'm never gonna see inside of you Because, I know, I'm gonna fall And you'll be waiting for it all Because, I know, I know, I know I can't get inside of you, Inside of you. This song is mild compared to some of the songs out there, and I personally don’t think it affect me as much as some other people. If you were in a club or a party and this song come up and you’re all drunk chance our this song would cause you to do some crazy stuff. I’m not saying It’s not right to write songs with sexual theme in them, I just don’t think there should be so much song out there that emphasize the fun and how it’s game-like. If you there are a lot of song about sex, there should be songs about the consequences that would come after. For example, they should have songs that describe what you would feel if you had sex because

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