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SEXUAL RECOVERY INSTITUTE AND SEXUAL RECOVERY ANONYMOUS DANIEL D. DAVIS FALL 2012 PSYC308 PROFESSOR FRANK HAIN LIBERY UNIVERSITY 10/01/2012 SEXUAL RECOVERY INSTITUTE Sexual Recovery Institute, an institute founded in 1995 by Robert Weiss. The organization is based in California, but many other locations pacify the need of others across the United States. The organization is open to meet the uncomfortable position of sexual addicted men, women, and their family members. The association embraces both parties and family members that have supported or indulge in compulsive behaviors, and the organization encourages that each individual come willing to participate in this important role of recovery. Couples who are ready to identify their outrageous behavior and focus on severe origin foundation, trauma effects or abandonment, and introduce a proposition to cultivate will become successful in the process. The purpose of the institution is to establish a ground for hope, and to endow a sense of rebirth in an unhealthy relationship. The association apprehends the right to confidentiality, ethical statues, and the program instills the integrity of others. Time reveals cultural crisis within the realm of sexuality. From the track record of Sexual Recovery Institute, men and women struggle with their sexual issues. Sexual Recovery has longed to intercede and sustain a voice, an alternative companion, someone who will logically promote the silent words that have cried for attention. ( Retrieved online 2012) The base location of Sexual Recovery Institute sits in the center of Beverly Hills, California. The address is 914 S. Robertson Blvd., Suite #200 Los Angeles, California 90035. The phone number is 866 690-4767. Meanwhile, this is the closes facility to Louisiana. Thus, distance could be a

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