Sexual Perversion and Its Criteria

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Sexual Perversion and its Criteria Thomas Nagel’s sexual perversion propose three components to its definition where the first is that the sexual desires or practices are defined as unnatural, the second includes those practices that seem controversy such as shoe fetishes or sadisms, and the third is the sexual inclination where for unnatural purposes (Nagel, 1969). In general sexual perversion is the action of perverting. He defines that sexual perversion is a psychological phenomenon that does not apply to lower animals and plants as they have distinct anatomical structures compared to humans, however, similar to many other things, the standard for approval or disapproval differ between cultures and it rather set the ground for disapproval. Further explanation of his liberal views, he states that perversion differs in the object that one has an appetite for, because it is perverted to have an appetite for things like paper but it is not if there is a significant psychological structure associated with it. In contrast, Nagel takes that standard sexual activity is defined by superimposed mutual perceptions between both parties that seek attraction in a mutual manner. The two additional stages of sexual perversion include narcissistic practices and those that involve awareness of oneself as an object of desire either with sadism or masochist. However, sexual perversion is generally considered as bad in many societies but Nagel defends his ideas by stating that it is still better than no sex at all which generated a tremendous amount of controversies. Nagel states that in order to determine if something is a sexual perversion then it must satisfies the three conditions as mentioned previously. It must be unnatural that means the act must not be the normal practices of sexual desires or the actual process, but it do different across different cultures. The second

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