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Sexual Orientation Essay

  • Submitted by: societysdog
  • on March 14, 2011
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Seminar 4 Assignment 1: Sexual Orientation
Historically, physiological research investigating the development of homosexuality has involved the search for biological markers and focuses on physiological differences between homosexual and heterosexual individuals (DeCecco & Parker, 1995). Structures that display sexual dimorphism in the human brain have received attention as sites of interest among scientists interested in finding morphological correlates of sexual orientation as well (Jenkins, 2010). Genetics has been researched as a possible determining factor in sexual orientation and so has social environment. Yet one of the most consistent, robust findings among homosexuals has been that they exhibited behaviors during childhood that are considered gender nonconforming, and recently, this observation has been replicated through the analysis of childhood videos obtained from male and female homosexual and heterosexual research volunteers. Pre-homosexual children, regardless of gender, displayed more gender non-conformity in the videos than their pre-heterosexual counterparts, and this pattern of behavior continued through adulthood (Jenkins, 2010).
I am not a true believer in all science. I do believe that many things can be explained by the use of the scientific theory when the findings are undisputable. However, most science, likely due to the sheer mass of number of studies, is refuted almost instantly and convincingly at that. Sexual orientation is really sexual choice. The last fifty years or so has brought forth, although very slowly, a media push aimed at convincing us all that homosexuality is not a choice but an inborn trait that should have equal social standing and acceptance with heterosexuality. My opinion is that homosexuality is a choice, a lifestyle choice, which is the same as cross-dressing or sadomasochism. Science can only guess at what causes individuals to make lifestyle choices, but it is quite undisputed in its theories on what...

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