Sexual Orientation Essay

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The continuum of sexual orientation can prove to be somewhat confusing in today’s world since our sexual identities and our sexual behaviors might not always be consistent with each other. Which is why current understanding of the fluidity of sexual orientation is important when navigating through challenges found in today’s society. The most harmful issue, of which, concerning sexual behaviors in our present time is the HIV/AIDS virus. Found within that continuum of sexuality, bisexual Latino men take part of the HIV/AIDS positive population. Bisexuality among Latino men has resulted in high risk HIV exposure since an individual’s number of sex partners dramatically increases the risk of acquiring and transmitting HIV and other STDs (Jeffries, 2011). In Latino cultures homosexuality is a weakness and an embarrassment to the family, it is not approved by the social norms of what it is to be a man within the culture. Due to this stigmatization bisexuality among Latino men is kept extremely occult. From complications of not being familiar with sexuality’s possible continuum and a culture to which bisexuality and homosexuality is a disgrace an even greater obstacle arises. A bridge for HIV transmission between bisexual men and heterosexual women is created by Latino men who engage in sex with both men and women, may not use a condom with their partners and, most importantly, are not open about their bisexual behaviors (Brooks, 2005). Since this groups of bisexual Latino men are so reticent on their sexual behaviors little is known about their lifestyle and thus targeting the group for HIV prevention programs has been difficult to do effectively. As part of the Latino community, understanding the challenges that exists, properly equips me to be a positive influential member so I can help against the struggle of reducing the transmission of HIV/AIDS. As a young Latino

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