Sexual Orientation Essay

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The different perspectives related to a person’s sexual orientation and identity, which will be examined by the three different types, which are bisexual (attraction to both sexes), heterosexual (attraction to the opposite sex), and homosexual (attraction to same sex) (Pinel, 2009). In examining the aspect of sexual identity it can be linked to many factors of biological and environmental, such as parental influence of which an individual is raised in. One perspective is genetics as a link to sexual orientation in the findings that twins with similar DNA were 52% of monozygotic twin brothers and with 48% for monozygotic twin sisters, and how 22% of the dizygotic twin brothers and16% for dizygotic twins sisters were homosexual (Pinel, 2009). However, there has not been a gene found to confirm or deny the claim that sexual orientation is genetically linked to sexual orientation or identity (Pinel, 2009). Second perspective is perinatal hormones have an effect on sexual orientation in humans (Pinel, 2009). The Ehrhardt’s quasi experimental study supports that adult women that were exposed to estrogen during pregnancy were more likely to be attracted to women (Pinel, 2009). The final, perspective of sexual orientation is the false conception people choose their sexual orientation and identity; people do not choose their sexual orientation, instead they discover their sexual preference (Pinel, 2009). An individual’s sexual preference develops at an early age (Pinel, 2009). The factor of a person’s environment can factor into a person’s sexual orientation and identity. The environmental factors can be parental and even cultural behavior. Before, I begin to discuss the environmental influences in my opinion to be a contributing factor in sexual orientation I would like to state my understanding of sexual orientation and identity as a pattern of romantic,

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