Sexual Liberation: The Stonewall Riots

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Sexual Liberation Krystal Marazzi HIS145 Andrea Keefer October 3, 2012 University of Phoenix Sexual Liberation Imagine eyes wide open viewing a world full of danger, but a mouth that cannot speak, hands that cannot move, and a voice paralyzed in a crowd of people. This oppression was common in between 1968 to 1980s and still exists in some extent currently. Oppression happens in many forms of liberation including sexually. Events from 1968 to the 1980s opened doors of communication for sexual liberation. Sexual Liberation Sex is a word known and understood universally but is not always accepted. An individual’s sexual preferences dictated how society viewed that person. Sex and a person’s sexuality was not a topic that was an open…show more content…
The Stonewall Inn was known as a popular homosexual hideout. A police raid of the bar caused an unforeseen riot escalating in more protests in the following days by Greenwich Village homosexual residences. This led to two large homosexual activist parties and three newspapers that supported the homosexual lifestyles. June 28, 1970 marked the date for the first gay march parade in Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York promoting the current Gay Parade marches on this anniversary date (By,…show more content…
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