Sexual Health Essay

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Today I am going to be discussing sexual health. I will start by explaining what sexual health is and why it is important. Then I will move on to speak about sexually transmitted infections.. Also known as sti's or std's. Then I will finish by discussing what resources are already in place in regards to sexual health and how best to maintain it. "Positive, meaningful sexual health is a central component of overall well-being and a key component of a healthy lifestyle. Sexual health is aligned to and includes reproductive health." This is something that was stated on the world health organisation's website in 2006. Sexual relationships are an important part of adult life. Sex can relieve stress, boost immunity or even self esteem and it also improves intimacy within relationships. But it is important to remember that sexual health requires a positive and respectful approach. Sexual health plays an important role on our physical and mental health and also on our emotional and social well-being. It is important that both men and women take care of their sexual health and take time to understand the issues that surround contraception and sexually transmitted infections and diseases. state that: "young people aged 16 to 24 are a particularly important group because it is an important time in the development of individual sexual identities." They go on to explain that "high quality relationships and sex education is critical to ensuring young people have the information they need to understand their feelings and their bodies and to make safe and healthy choices." They also state that this age group are more at risk of being diagnosed with an sti. Other groups which are at a particularly high risk from poor sexual health includes; sex workers, victims of trafficking, homosexuals, people from African communities and even prisoners. By maintaining a
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