Sexual Harrassment Essay

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Sexual harassment is the theme, but here it is the man who is harassed by his new female boss. A high-flying executive, Meredith, is out to ruin her former lover, who she's just beaten to the top job in an electronics company, using every trick in the book. Written by Rob Hartill Tom Sanders is a brilliant manager for the Digicom Corporation, a computer company in Seattle, Washington. Happily married with two young children, Tom had big hopes for a promotion to the top brass by his boss, Bob Garvin.IUnstead, it goes to Meredith Johnson, Tom's seductive ex-girlfriend. Somehow Tom takes it with a grain of salt, until a personal meeting turns unto a night seduction when Meredith decides to relive her sexual fantasy and pick up from where they left off. Tom refuses and shoves her away, making Meredith completely frustrated. Tom only choice is to sue Meredith for sexual harassment. But then everyone in the company believes it was the other way around and his boss wants to transfer him to an another division, forcing him to lose everything Tom has ever gained. As the story unfolds, Tom discovers that not only is the system rigged against him, but Meredith is going to destroy his career, and bolster her own by blaming him for a serious error of judgment on her part. It becomes evident that the sexual harassment has been a delaying tactic used by Meredith to prevent Tom's discovery of the true problem. Tom's discovery would result in considerable embarrassment to Meredith, and would serve to cast him as 'hero'. Thus Meredith will stop at nothing to deflect and recast the blame. He has only four days to prove his innocence, save his marriage, and his job. Can he do it? Does he stand a chance? Written by Christopher Howell

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