Sexual Harrasment In Workplace Essay

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In the article “Does a truck driver see what a nurse sees? The effects of occupation type on perception of sexual harassment” by Evelyn M. Maeder, Richard L. Wiener and Ryan Winter a study was made between prevalence and judgments of how workers view what is considered sexual harassment based on their different jobs or work places. The writers expected that workers become aware of sexual harassment when they see it happening often and if they hear complaints in the workplace. The writers also theorize that gender balance at work contributes to who is most likely to witness sexual harassment. The type of things that are associated with prevalence of sexual harassment are gender, marital status and ethnic background. They also believe that educated women as opposed to men are more likely to view a situation as sexual misconduct. The article has two hypotheses, ones begin that men who work in women’s traditional job are less able to determine the situation as a sexual harassment. Men who work in traditional jobs are much more aware of sexual harassment and would make judgments to say they see it in the workplace often. Sex Role spill over theory and contact theory shows females in men traditional jobs have a big chance of getting harassed if there are more men then women their contact will probably end up in some kind of sexual harassment and because of this more women witness their co-workers making reports of harassment. The second hypothesis states that women in male traditional jobs that witness harassment become tough and will not show sympathy for women co-workers who report that they are being harassed sexually. Female in men traditional workplaces will most likely not support co-worker complaints of harassment. Women in their own traditional jobs do not have much experience with harassment complaints and would most likely make more judgments of witnessed

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