Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Essay

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Sexual Harassment In The Culinary Industry Solomon Stevenson Le Cordon Bleu Sexual Harassment in the Culinary Industry According to the report obtained from the restaurant industry in the USA, it was found that the biggest percentages, for example, 90% of women who work in the restaurants are bothered by some form of sexual harassment. The report stated that women workers in the states with low income jobs and have lower minimum wage, experience this problem most. The lower incomes may be the result in the sexual harassment. The report states that women who have to live off tips experience the worst sexual harassment (Current population report, 2014). This vise of sexual harassment comes out as the low-in-come restaurant workers push for the increase in their monthly pay. A report from a group of nearly a dozen woman state that tipped restaurant workers are subjected to very high rate of sexual behavior in the working places. The report stated that to get tips the female works are forced to and act certain ways that make them vulnerable to customers and sometimes co-workers. Women with less than $2.13-per-hour minimum are most likely to be sexually harassed (Current population report, 2014). These workers are forced to wear sexier clothing for them to attract customers. The report states that about 70% of women and men who work in the restaurant experience sexual harassment by restaurant managers (Current population report, 2014). Another case study on the sexual harassment was done by MSNBC. MSNBC revealed that most of the deaths that occur in the upper echelons of restaurants’ kitchens came as a result of sexual harassment. After the MSNBC taking the statistics it revealed shocking figures. MSNBC uncovered that
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