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Sexual Harassment in the Work Place Essay

  • Submitted by: samuka2009
  • on July 8, 2012
  • Category: English
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Sexual harassment in the workplace
Peter Samuka
Strayer University
English 215 writing assignment # 1
Dr. Rochelle Harris
July 10, 2011

The selection of this topic “sexual harassment in the workplace” for my research paper is of great importance to me. This essay will point out my experience and connections that I have had with sexual harassment in the workplace and why I think actions should be taken to prevent or minimize such act.

          If we happen to come across or hear the word “sexual harassment” we might know what that is. From my experience and connection with this word, I can define sexual harassment as an unwanted or inappropriate sexual contact with another person. In order for this act to be considered sexual harassment, the person been harass must acknowledge the harasser that his or her act is inappropriate and unacceptable. And if that person (the harasser) continues, than a sexual harassment complaint should be filed against that person. The issue of sexual harassment is that both men and women are victim of it in the workplace. But from my past experienced and my personal connection to this topic, majority of sexual harassment victims are women which I think it is not fair at all and something needs done about. My first personal connection to this topic is dated back to 2002 when my little sister was sexually harassed by a male worker at work and the second time was early this year when a co-worker of mine was also harassed by a male worker.
          First connection  
          My first connection to this topic is dated back to 2002 when my little sister was sexually harassed by a male co-worker. One evening I was sitting watching television in the living room when my little came home and was very angry. I asked her what the problem was, and she said “there was a guy at her job that kept bothering with unwanted sexual advances both verbally and physically and as such she was very uncomfortable working...

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