Sexual Harassment Essay

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Sexual Harassment It is imperative that every organization willing to avoid Sexual Harassment claims or lawsuits against them have a Sexual Harassment Policy in place, this policy should state clearly the course of action that should be taken if a concern arises from a behavior that could be viewed as sexual harassment. Most organizations could avoid liability if they follow their own policy acknowledging the situation and the complaint that was filed by an employee and if they also try to resolve the situation in a timely manner, sometimes this can be accomplished by disciplining the harasser and making his or her actions cease, obviously after an investigation took place. But it is not enough that an organization has this policy, the employees should be aware of the policy, a copy of such policy should be distributed to every employee, and employees should be provided with proper channels to file their claims. After a complaint has been filed the organization should investigate the situation and determine if the employee’s claims are true, if they are the policy should also state how the harasser should be disciplined and the consequences of a repeated behavior in the future. During the investigation it is appropriate to ensure the safety of the person suffering the harassment, if the immediate supervisor is the harasser, the organization should avoid at all cost that the subordinate is supervised by this person. Another important point that should be included in the policy is the fact that no retaliation should be permitted if a claim was filed in good faith, for what an employee considered to be sexual harassment. When the company handles a situation properly and in a timely manner their liability can be reduced significantly. “Any employee who has a complaint of sexual harassment at work by anyone, including supervisors, co-workers or visitors, should

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