Sexual Harassment Essay

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When asked to discuss sexual harassment and my opinion on the subject, I immediately recognized that I would need to do some research. I have experienced, by strict definition, sexual harassment. I personally believe that any behavior that may involve the H.R. police should be given close examination and benefit of the doubt. “It’s only a problem, when it’s a problem,” I believe. In my case, after the incident I gauged the intent of the idiot and determined that just like a lot of the comments I make every day to blow off steam that are H.R. inappropriate and go under the radar, his comments were also benign. In the event of escalation, my backup plan of grabbing the perpetrator by the eggs (or equally female vulnerable part) and sternly whispering “cut the sh*t NOW!” has not been proven effective, I decided to look at how recent court cases evolved and their results. The internet search did provide some interesting reads on recent cases. The Huffington Post (Jaimeson, 2011) reported that William Sheard, a former employee of Lens Crafters, was recently awarded $192,500 for damages resulting from sexual harassment this past June. Sheard’s complaints were completely legitimate. There were witnesses that saw his abuser: grab his crotch at a holiday party, make blatant remarks about loving him and wanting to have sex with him, filing an admittedly false claim that he sexually harassed her, and even having her father come to work to threaten him for filing a complaint. In response to his abuser, Melissa Brandt’s, behavior, he repeatedly brought complaints to management and ultimately was forced to leave in 2008. I genuinely feel bad for this man. As of press time, he was still without a job and pretty much black listed from employment as an optical technician. The parent company of Lens Crafters, Luxottica Group, pretty much owns every retail optical chain in the

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