Sexual Education in the Education System Essay

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“Sexual Education in the Education System” In our country today exists many different ideas about sex education. Some believe in a comprehensive approach that covers everything: reproduction, anatomy, contraceptives, STDs, sexual orientation, values, body image and expressions of sexuality and some believe in an abstinence-only approach. The water becomes more unclear when we talk about classroom delivery of sex education to young teens and the possible bias, values, or morals of those teaching young teens. To live in a progressive modern society such as ours in the 21st century, the need for sex education might seem to many to be to be obsolete. It might seem it was an issue for past generations. Due to teens’ lack of knowledge on sex-related topics and a shortage of parents who have the courage to actually talk to their children about the subject, it would be ideal to make sex education a mandatory course throughout elementary, middle and high school to ensure that the youth are fully informed about the issue. According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) teen pregnancy, though down in 2009 and declining is still significantly higher than any comparable modernized society such as ours. Young people between the ages of 13-24 accounted for 69% of the new HIV cases in 2009 (CDC Info). The case for sex education is made on its own merit. Forget the reservations. The consequences of the statistics are too stark for our teens. This is simply not a debate to have. Sex education is needed. Education continues to equal enlightenment. Since many children and teens believe they have the answers to everything, even sex, they feel it’s acceptable to be sexually active. What they think they know is nothing compared to what they need to know before taking part in sex. Also, many of the things they think they know are myths or they risk becoming pregnant because they do not

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