Sexual Dysfunctions Essay

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Sexual Dysfunctions and Paraphilias Professor Dean, Becoming a Master Student Sojourner Douglass College June 3, 2013 Sex, its taboo to some but it is the gateway to ecstasy for most. Sexual behavior is a major topic and focus of or thoughts and discussions. For example, a man walking down the street and a beautiful and curvaceous woman walks by and your eyes follow her every move as her body sways to it’s own rhythm. For a man, sexual thoughts even images are racing through your mind. Another example, a woman with a group of female friends spot an attractive, well sculpted man walking down the street with a strong back and confident walk. Women will explode in discussion of what could be and how. In either scenario sexual feelings will be aroused. Sexual feelings and experiences shape our lives and even development. Sex is basically for reproduction in the animal world, but for humans it’s that enjoyable moment between two people where in the limbic system (a system responsible for our fear, anger, and sexual emotions and survival emotions) sends those chemical messengers to the brain thus giving us that amazing feeling until we reach climax or orgasm. Sex is a normal feeling and practice that is going to happen in any animal’s life. What’s mere perpetuation of the species in the animal kingdom, in humans it’s a tad bit more complex and very enjoyable. But, where there is normal there’s also abnormal. In the sex world experts acknowledge two categories for sexual disorders, Paraphilia and Sexual Dysfunction. These are the abnormal aspects of sex (Comer, 2007). Each category is the form of sexual abnormalities but each has its own symptoms. The first one is sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction is when people experience problems with sexual functioning, for instance erectile dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction makes people
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