Sexual Discrimination in Job Hunting

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Sexual Discrimination in Job-hunting A recent survey shows that more than 50 percent of college graduates have been discriminated against in different ways. Gender discrimination,especially for female employees,is more obvious from those in recent years. The discrimination of sex in job-hunting, which seems to be increasingly fierce from the World War II, is now becoming a kind of global phenomenon. Because of this sort of discrimination, the equality of opportunities and the parity of treatment have been greatly damaged, which limits human’s self-development, career option and the achievement of self-ambition. All these disadvantages became one of the factors of social injustice, instability and the unhealthy development of social economics. As a consequence, against to gender discrimination in job-hunting is getting more and more severe globally. Here are two common phenomena caused by this discrimination. In many companies, bosses cite factors such as pregnancy, women being unable to take business trips alone due to safety concerns and the business climate that encourages drinking with bosses and clients after work hours that may not be appropriate for women contribute to their disadvantages when searching for jobs. In other cases, the income difference between sexes has made female feel more anxious about job market. The theory, which is known as “equal job, equal pay”, has not been largely accepted by most of people. The two main disparities in the employment market are detrimental to female students' enthusiasm for life and learning, promoting the concept that a diploma is not as enticing as a wealthy husband, which is a nightmare to our whole society. When facing such kind of unfair treatment, many people’s choice, silence, is also fostering a worse situation. "I have no energy to deal with sex discrimination because the fierce job market has

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