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Sexual Consent Some people believe that women are the only victims in issues of sexual consent, but there have been many cases where the men are the victims. Victims come in all genders, all ages, and all backgrounds. Sexual consent is when someone agrees or disagrees to engage in some form of sexual conduct that is acceptable or unacceptable. Sexual consent will always be something that is defined as a voluntary, positive agreement between the participants, to engage in sexual activity. In most countries, until one attains a certain age you cannot legally have sex with that person. But, although the law may differ slightly when the partners are the same age, there are certain ages where it is still illegal for them to have sex. Regardless of ones knowledge about sexual consent, it will always be incredibly complex. Although determinations of sexual consent often emerge in court cases, the law cannot always be depended upon to support the victim, and open interpretations of sexual consent can fail those who are violated because of the lack of legislation and sex education. In fact, sexual consent can be defined as when two consenting people, regardless of gender, both agree that sexual activity can occur. The lines get blurry when the people giving consent are minors under the age of eighteen or one is older than the other. There are many hidden fallacies within the sexual consent law. For example, there have been numerous studies that confirm that all players in the legal system, not only the police, can be deeply influenced in sexual assault trials by whether or not the victim was drunk or intoxicated, and that the effect of this influence is an undermining of credibility and a rejection of the authenticity of complaints’ claims of sexual victimization (Randall 413). Factors such as these all make the age of consent an often confusing subject, and a

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