How sexual assault in the news affects the women watching

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Sexual Assault in the News: How it Affects the Women Watching The way the news portrays sexual assaults against women is directly related to the fear women feel everyday. My English class has been studying fear and learning about how the news influences its viewers. Three readings that we covered were “Notes Towards a Politics of Fear” by David L. Altheide, “Fear in the News: A Discourse of Control” by David Altheide and Sam Michalowski, and “The Construction of Fear” by Barry Glassner. These three articles will explain the basis of my paper. In “Notes Towards a Politics of Fear” David Altheide claims that the news promotes fear in a way that achieves a certain goal. The news portrays things a certain way to get a certain reaction from its viewers. In “Fear in the News: A Discourse of Control” Altheide and Michalowski discuss the fact that fear is being used to provide entertaining news. Finally, in “The Construction of Fear” Glassner explorers the fact that “fear is constructed through efforts to protect against it. In other words, by trying not to frighten viewers, the news is actually creating more fear. There are other views to my claim that how the news covers sexual assaults affects the women watching, and makes them fearful everyday. Many people will say that the news is just trying to inform its viewers of the dangers in the world. Others might say that the news is completely truthful, and if that is true then women do need to be scared everyday. Another claim people might make is that women are emotional, that is why they get frightened so easily, it has nothing to do with how the news covers any of their stories. Over the last week I have conducted my own research on how sexual assault reports in the news affect women. I used and surveyed women of all ages and races. I first asked the women how often

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