Sexual Assault in Colleges Essay

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Ashley Wright Classical Argument Sexual Assault In Colleges Research shows that sexual assault on college campuses is surprisingly common and rising. Some surveys suggest that one in four women who attend a college or university will experience some form of sexual assault. While women are most often claimed to be the only victims of sexual assault, men are also targeted and experience some sort of sexual violation in various forms. Sexual assault can be defined as illegal sexual contact that usually involves force upon a person without consent or is inflicted upon a person who is incapable of giving consent (as because of age or physical or mental incapacity) or who places the assailant (as a doctor) in a position of trust or authority. Sexual assault can be described in the form of rape, acquaintance rape, child sexual abuse, dating and domestic violence, drug facilitated assault, male sexual assault, partner rape, sexual exploitation by helping a friend, hate crime, stalking, stranger rape, sexual harassment, and incest. Reflecting back in history, acts of sexual assault were not viewed as forms of violence. Instead, they were made up to be types of seduction. In this perspective, rape was seen as a form of sex. The extreme change in how we view nonconsensual sexual acts as a type of assault was pivotal in sexual assault becoming an acknowledged concern within the courts. Among all of the research on sexual assault the main focus seems to be on women's experiences as victims of sexual violation. As some schools have suggested, this stress is a product of the feminist literature from the 1970s, which pursued to highlight the persecution of women at the hands of men. As a result, comparatively little research has focused on male survivors of sexual assault. However, since the 1990s, some research has begun to appear. Myths about sexual assault are often

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