Sexual Assault Essay

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It always astounds me when communities and even the legal system decide to protect star athletes instead of the young women they victimize. To say the least, the adults who sanctioned the treatment of this young woman should know better. This leads me to exclaim: Talent is not a carte blanche, and intoxication is not consent! It is also important to recognize that we are discussing high school students. What happens if and when these children (As the majority was minors in the eyes of the law at the time of the assault) go to college, or join the labor force as adults? When a school sanctions this type of violence in such a public and reprehensible manner, the administration is teaching a lesson to their students, indeed. Perhaps it is time that all public schools require seminars on sexual violence, intimidation, and assault, in addition to their health and physical education. Support is available to young women at the college and universities level in this country, so why not in high school? I strongly believe that it is high time that our education system take a stand on the subject of sexual assault. I also strongly believe that it is about time that men started taking boys aside and talking to them about respecting women, because it is definitely not enough that we as woman talk to them. A woman’s right to choose her sexual partners is a right that has been sullied and questioned for far too long. This forces me to ask myself: was the sexual revolution all for naught?; Have we as a society learned nothing about the mandate of sexual liberation? Clearly not, or it would be understood that rape is not about sex, it is about power and violence; For that very reason, rape is considered a war crime because it so frequently used as a means of mass intimidation in times of political conflict. Violent offenders use rape to undermine the integrity of women by

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