Sexual Advertising Directed at Teens

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Sexual Advertising Directed at Teens Do you think sexual advertising directed at teens has a positive impact on teens or negative? Well, I think it has a negative impact on teenagers because teens are between the ages of 12-17, and I believe twelve year old teens shouldn’t be thinking about sexual matters. For several years I have seen sexual advertisements having a major impact on teenager’s lives. For example, “by the age of 18, a teenager will have seen 350,000 commercials; 100,000 may be advertisements for sex” (Teen Health and The Media). This quote means that by the time you turn 18 you would have seen at least 100,000 ads. Just about sex. Sexual advertising are detrimental because they to lead to increase the level of intentions in adolescent for sexual behavior. Adolescent girls are highly influenced by the advertising they see in magazines. As they spend their days perusing fashion layouts and ads, magazines are quietly selling brands and style. While girls may mindlessly flip through the ads in their favorite magazines, the ads are definitely affecting their targeted audience. “According to Anastasia, 80 percent of girls have purchased an item as a result of an ad in teen magazine and 63 percent trust magazine ads” (Park, Alice). This quote means that girls are most likely to purchase items from observing ads on magazines. The counter argument on this quote most likely would be from the sellers because they have to sell their product to earn money. So they will do anything possible to sell their product. Girls become convinced that they require particular fashions to belong in a society that emphasizes materialism. The next paragraph is going to be about how these magazines play a significant role and the effects in a girl’s self-esteem. Teen magazines can have a devastating effect on girls' self-esteem. Kids' Health suggests that media plays an
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