Sexual Abuse of Minors Essay

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Sexual Abuse of Minors Caroline Chipen CRJ306: Criminal Law & Procedure Instructor: Toni Starcher January 7, 2013 Sexual Abuse of Minors There are many ugly crimes committed in today’s world. The ugliest are sexual abuse crimes. Many of these crimes are against children, the most innocent of persons. Here, we will take a look at what Hawaii’s statutes are concerning sexual abuse, what the state and some other organizations are doing to educate both the children and parents, and who the possible perpetrators are. Because of their innocence and naiveté, children are required to trust the adults in their lives to help them survive. Sadly, some of these trusted individuals choose to take advantage of children’s vulnerability and subsequently choose to abuse them in different way including sexually abusing them. According government stats there are on average an estimated 50,000 sexual predators just browsing online ( These are just online! Yet among the people in our communities, there are people who one would not even suspect of being a threat, in any way, of being a threat to our children. A sexual predator is a person who attempts to secure sexual contact forcefully. Megan’s Law, named after Megan Kanka, and was put in to federal law in 1995. The law makes it mandatory for each state to have a system that informs its citizens when a sexual predator is in their proximity. Megan Kanka was “seven years old when a previously convicted sexual predator that resided across the street from her family, kidnapped, violently raped, and then killed her. It was decided that had her family and other local residents had been alerted that a convicted sexual predator was living among them, this heinous act would've been prevented” ( With this in mind, Congress

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