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Parents, Take Control If a parent had to go as far as to put a monitoring application on his or her child’s phone, it’s my belief that they have already failed as a parent. Parents should instill good values into their children, and let them know what’s right from wrong. Adults have experienced many things throughout their lives which can have a positive influence on their children if they share those experiences with them. In “Blame Parents, Not Kids, for Sexting”, Leonard Sax talks about how parents are to blame for their children sexting, and that there should be monitoring software installed on their phones to prevent it. Although, Sax has some good points and examples, he ultimately fails to make a convincing case. Sax believes that parents need to be more involved in the activities of their children when it comes to their phones and that would prevent what we like to call ‘sexting’: sending sexually explicit photographs (Para 1). Sax visited a junior high school that was struck by a problem such as this one. He believes that the parents should provide oversight, it’s their fault, and they are the ones to be blamed when their children partake in such activities. This type of issue comes up a lot for Sax and he travels the country talking about the topic. He suggests that parents should download apps that prevent such acts; for example, “My Mobile Watchdog, Mobile Spy and Net Nanny Mobile” and have them installed on their phones (para 4). He then tells the stories of young girls, Rebecca Sedwick and Emily, whose lives, have been destroyed because of this “sexting problem”. Rebecca’s and her family’s life was altered when she took her own life because of constant bullying, but fortunately, for Emily she ended up transferring school and is coping. Emily’s parents installed this type of software on her mobile phone, and Sax links his idea of parents placing these

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