Sexism in Disney Movies

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English 101 Professor: Kathy Lawler Class Section: 3198 SEXISM IN DISNEY MOVIES Children have been a profitable target for advertising for decades, as a three in one market, as influence of their parents' purchases, as buyers themselves, and as future buyers. Advertisers make sure they put the greatest pictures for children to feel caught in their hands to buy their product. What some of us do not or did not realize rather, is that some of Disney movies, commercials, movies, adds, etc. are creating controversy among people, specially parents who wish never have introduced the product to their kids. Some Disney movies are filled sexism stereotyping such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Aladdin”, and “Snow White” just to mention a few. Have we really moved past the sexist stereotypes that marked Disney's earliest films? Although Disney movies are beautiful to watch, they are are portraying harmful stereotypes. We all girls, dreamed to be a princess from a fairy tale. Who did not? So little did we know that the movies we watched and still watch until this date were filled with stereotyping, such as racism, sexism, and even had sexual elements we could not realize while watching them. We were all wrapped up in the beauty and charm these movies brought along, demonstrating we can dream being with prince Charming, living in a castle, and having a happily ever after end. Sexist implications are brought up with the way gender is portrayed in Disney movies. The princesses presented in these movies have beautiful voices, high pitched and such as small skinny waist which is actually disproportionate combined with their bodies. Disney movies provide unrealistic expectation for girls, just as Barbie doll does. These expectations are very far from being accomplish, whether is perfect romance, body image, race, looks, and living in a castle. Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”

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