Sex Without Love

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“Sex Without Love" by Sharon Olds is more of a question towards the world with a very long answer. This poem I find filled with imagery and other forms of fugitive speech. ”Beautiful as dancers, gliding over each other like ice skaters” indicating that it is something of beauty. However, ice skaters dance as a performance and as a outcome their beauty and happiness is all not real, It gives the reader something to awe. Ice skaters are actors performing an act that is not true but is faked in order to show happiness and grace. I think the ice is implying that the act of sex without love is cold and unthoughtful. The Author throws in a metaphor of a great runner. This metaphor is ironic by the fact that even though runners are respected and admired, they will run for healthy and physical body for the sport, Explaining the idea that sex without love is just a physical aspect. In the end those who have engaged in sex with out love are involved with nothing more then the same behavior of the runners who regularly have to train themselves for the achievement of running a marathon. Usually by themselves. The images of “cold” and “aloneness” It is rather cold to think of sex as nothing more then a physical act. I see the ice is cold. Being cold sometimes relates to loneliness. The pun I found “come to the” repeat could express desperation saying “God help me”. The large spaces used maybe symbolizes lost of breath or air. In line 13 “These are the true religious the purists, the pros, the ones who will not accept a false Messiah, love the priest instead of the God. I think she is saying have sex for love not for the action and for the poem translation have faith in God and not just listen to the priest. I think the priest is a symbol of the physical act and God
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