Sex Tourism in Cuba

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Sex Tourism in Cuba By: Yanist O-G. In a speech to the Cuban National Assembly in 1992 Fidel Castro said: “There are no women forced to sell themselves to a man, to a foreigner, to a tourist. Those who do so, do it on their own; voluntarily, and without any need for it. We can say that they are highly educated hookers and quite healthy because we are the country with the lowest numbers of AIDS cases……there is truly no prostitution healthier than Cuba’s…. Cuban women become jineteras because they like sex”. Since then the line between promotions of the country as a holiday destination and as a haven for sex tourists became blurred. Middle-aged Westerners and Europeans are travelling to Cuba in search of affordable liaisons with exotic, dark-skinned young men and women. Sex work in Havana is a result of national policies, socioeconomic deficiency of the revolutionary system and the increasing interconnectedness among first-world countries and third world porno-tropics. The classifications among the jineteras are as follow: the uneducated dark-skin professional prostitutes who will open negotiations by asking for $10 for oral sex or a short encounter but can often be beaten down to as little as $4 C.U.C's (equivalent to US dollars), the young inexperienced mulata can be persuaded into spending a whole night with a client for the cost of a meal, a few drinks or small gift ,but if she is experienced, she can usually make more money than her previous counterpart, the very young practiced whites can actually earn $50 C.U.C's per customer and even pretend to be romantically invested with their paramours which can result in their patrons supporting them or providing them with a visa to travel abroad. A new addition is the sophisticated-jineteras which are the doctors, lawyers, and engineers who are employed during the days in their chosen careers and at night shed their
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