Sex Slaves in India Essay

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There are many non-profit originations out there, but one in particular call International Princess Project (IPP) is dedicated to women in brothels. They contribute in many different angles. “Anyone who thinks that the word ''slavery'' is hyperbole when used to describe human trafficking today should meet Meena Khatun,” says a New York Times writer. Many women like Meena Khatun are pushed into the trade at a young age, at times even before they attain puberty and thus are not aware of the trap they are falling into. When in the business, there is no getaway till the owners have earned well enough through victims, addition they are exposed to mental and physics torture if they refuse to abide by the wishes they torture, and females are most possibly victim of life threatening diseases like AIDS, without any place to go to. Most have no knowledge of how much they earn nor they have no correct education. By the estimate there are over 3 million female sex slaves in India, with more then 35 percent of them entering the trade before the age of 18 years, with our help the young girls should be saved from this brutal dealing. Even though sex slaves is a major issue in India there is very little information on how the government is trying to protect their little girls from the horror of underage prostitution. Many non-organizations work in Kamatipura such as International Princess Project (IPP), dealing with countless characteristics like rescue of children’s, dealing with health awareness and treatment with special focus on AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, providing counseling services, de-addiction programs, skill development and training etc. This non-profit organizations help in taking care of the children of the by providing full time care, protection and education through the day/night. This organization also cares shelters or

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