Sex In Romeo And Juliet

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The comparison of vulgar sexuality and violence with true love in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet supports the idea that true love is rooted basely in fiery sexuality and grows out of and because of its foundation . This is seen when Mercutio’s early words are contrasted with the poetry in the balcony scene and blended in the double entendre in the same scene. Much time is spent establishing the sweaty essentially violent sexual setting of Verona so as to portray it as essential to the ideal love we see develop later. We know right from the Prologue that we are embarking on a violent journey with the lines “ From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, /Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean./From forth the fatal loins of these two foes/ A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life,( Pro. 2-6)” Here we are introduced to these fated lovers who are uncontrollably entangled in the violent family feud which eventually causes them to commit suicide. So before the play begins we are told that violence will be sewn into this true love and will eventually destroy it. It is fitting then that the first scene of the play is filled with the tension of this feud and builds from servants who successfully provoke a fight which builds to the heads of household trying to become involved. This initial sense of violence, although comic in nature, immediately ties the physical dependency and heat of Verona with the love story we are expecting because of its placement in relationship to the Prologue. Mercutio’s role plays more on the sexual aspects of the play as it relates to love. The famous queen Mab speech (I.iv), which appears rather innocent and clever, is symbiotic to the sexual draw of the play. While the speech seems naïve at moments, the blisters Mercutio references can be none other than a purposeful STD reference. He goes on to talk about the false dreams of sex she
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