Sex; Past, Present, Future? Essay

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I personally have begun to question the pathways today’s adolescence have swerved upon regarding sex and the precedents it holds in regards to values. Sex was once a physical bond between two people, a spiritual ritual performed after two people were bonded in holy matrimony to express their undying devotion to one another. Sex was a true physical passion between a man and a woman following their marriage ceremony. In today’s world among most adolescent youth, sex is more commonly viewed and valued as no more than just another recreational activity people participate in. Sex is beginning to be viewed as superfluous by today’s young adults when questions regarding the value and importance of remaining abstinent arise. Sex was once referred to as the final step a relationship takes to fulfill its bond; however, in today’s world, the occurrences of sex no longer take place after marriage, but is actually believed to be a building block in the forming of a relationship. Twenty years ago young people could be asked what the purpose of sexual intercourse was, and the immediate response would be that the purpose was to express love for another; now young adults view sex as just something done to enjoy a high amount of pleasure. My grandmother loves to talk openly about her past, but when I brought up this subject, she seemed rather shut off. She informed me that while she was growing up, the big debate in a relationship was not whether or not to have sex, but whether or not she would even kiss someone with only knowing them for a few weeks, and if that first kiss would label her “fast” or “easy.” Now, in most high schools and colleges throughout the United States, sex is considered to be a normal occurrence in a relationship. People believe that sex is a key in starting a future relationship and if the physical act is not achieved with in weeks, there is a feeling of no

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