Sex, Lies and Conversation

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Let’s Understand Each Other Better The article "Sex, lies, and Conversation," written by the professor of linguistics Deborah Tannen, explains us about the many dissimilarities amongst men and women that occur in the way they communicate with each other. It explains to the reader why there is a lack of communication and understanding between a man and a woman who aim to pursue different objectives through conversations. The article is a very effective passage that provides logical reasoning to support its claim of developing cross cultural understanding in order to avoid the clash of genders that is caused by failed conversations. Most of the women complain that men are not good conversational partners at home. According to the females, men do not listen or talk to them and do not contribute in day to day discussions. According to an observation by a political scientist Andrew Hacker, men talk more than women in public and less at home. Moreover, as reported by the Sociologist Catherine Kohler in her book 'Divorce Talk', a majority of divorced women gave lack of communication the primary reason responsible for their breakups. However, few men had the same reason for their divorces. Women are likely to expect much more than just help in house chores or career development from men. They consider small discussions with their partners as signs of intimacy, care and responsiveness. However, men have different mechanics of conversation and due to the hierarchical system in which they work; they do not like listening as that makes them feel like an inferior. Therefore, they consider this demand of females unreasonable. Most of the conversation patterns of men and women differ because of their social interaction as children. Boys and girls play and talk with children of their own genders. This gives

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