Sex Is One of the Reason Why Teenagers Get Into Romantic Relationship Essay

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Sex is one of the reasons why teenagers get into romantic relationship. Many young men and women are committed in relationship and they are in the process of discovering their sexuality. Adolescents are experiencing rapid physical, social, and emotional changes (Loyola, 2010). Hormonal changes in their age are taking place wherein they become sexual mature (Atkinson, Atkinson, Bem, and Smith, 1993 cited in Cailles Lo, Kiwahko, and Lim, 2003). Teenagers as a part of adolescence their sexuality are developing, sexual behavior, and thoughts about sex are instilled in their mind (Cailles Lo, Kiwahko, and Lim, 2003). Curiosity about sex is part of these developments (Loyola. 2010). Curiosity develops in their mind, because of bit information that they get through internet, friend, public conversations, contraceptive commercials, and movies that contain sexual explicit scenes. Teenagers who are curious about sex get into romantic relationship, because they want to have sex to their partner (Silong, 2009). Teenagers are exposed to all kinds of media, particularly the television and internet. Teenagers spend at least 3-4 hours per day watching TV shows that contains sexual content (Austin, 2005). According to Nestor Torre noontime shows are still polluting the TV screens: “Current ‘sexy’ gambits on daytime TV are there for everyone to see and call regulatory bodies and erring channels’ attention to: dancers graphically gyrating in ‘itsy- mini- bitsy mini- bikinis on noontime shows; and below the belt innuendoes…”(Torre, 2012). Young viewers who are exposed to sexual content on TV shows tend to increase the likelihood aggressiveness; may have a richer imagination which demands constant stimulation to feed their fantasy mind (Almeda, 1982). Through their great mind, they are starting to wonder and fantasize about having sexual interactions with other people specially the

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