Sex Education in Schools

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Sexual education being taught in school is a new issue being argued in many places of the country. Are students too young to hear about sex? Is it influencing students to do things they shouldn’t be doing? Or does it lead to unwanted pregnancies? I am against sex education because it can change the outlook of children and their childhood. Showing things that are sexual to minors at a young age can make kids wonder and want to go out and try things. Some schools have condom-availability programs that may teach and encourage the students to have sex. Opponents of sex education feel that schools that instruct students on how to use condoms can send a message that sex is risk free. This increases the average of teenagers having sex at an early age. According to a May 19th 2008 article titled “Sex Education”, it states that teens are having sex earlier than ever before. An increase in teenage sexual activity also increases the rate of STDs being transmitted. STDs such as gonorrhea and chlamydia are more common in teens then adults. Birth control and sex education have negative results if not taken seriously. Teens are very curious now and can lead to trouble if not taught correctly. Teens are now more sexually active than ever before because of their curiosity. There has also been an increase in teen pregnancy. In an article titled “Teen Pregnancy” from September 1, 2000, it stated that one out of every 10 females aged 15 to 19 become pregnant in the U.S. Almost 40% of them actually give birth and the rest mostly have abortions. Teens are raising children at an entirely too young age. Sexual education can lead to teen pregnancy because they are taught that sex is risk free because they are giving condoms at school. Condoms can break and lead to an unwanted pregnancy. Parents also have a big say in why sex education shouldn’t be taught in schools. Some parents
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