Sex Education Argumentative Essay

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Running head: SEX EDUCATION FOR SCHOOL AGE CHILDREN 1 Sex Education for School Age Children There is an ongoing debate in America about funding sex education programs from state to state. The debate focuses on whether or not the sex education programs should be comprehensive, or if the programs should be a required course of study in middle school and high school. The debate is centered on the advantages of abstinence-only applications vs. more inclusive education programs that also educate the children about sexually transmitted diseases, birth control, and pregnancy. There is an abundant amount of data and research that shows the importance of funding sex education programs for middle and high school students. According to Sullivan-Anderson (2009), "We now have a pretty good sense of which sex-education approaches work." A plentiful mass of exploration, containing a 2007 Bush legislation report, has proven that comprehensive sex education is the most adequate for changing adolescent sexual behaviors. Although comprehensive sex education programs are widely uncontroversial outside of Washington, ample amounts of parents favor this program. The debate argues mostly about what investments are essential to educate adolescents about their sexuality and the meaning of a healthy relationship in an honest and responsible manner. Students need educational programs that last more than two weeks which can give them an invulnerable space to then go to for unanswered questions and advice. According to Sullivan-Anderson (2009), an "innovative relationship and sex education curriculum" in an Anderson County, S.C., school district is an example of "what can happen when a community decides that it's crazy to spend more time teaching kids about decimals and fractions than about dating and sex." The sexual education program

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