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Mandatory Sex Education: A Must for Teens Sex education has been taught to students in public schools since the 1950’s. During that time, it was first made to help teenagers acquire information and to assist them to make informed decisions about sex and their bodies. Today its basis still remains the same. Keeping sex education mandatory in school has been a heated debate for over fifty years, but sex education has helped many teens to make informed decisions and it has helped them to feel more confident and competent on acting on the choice of having sex. Comprehensive sex education should be a mandatory subject for all teens in schools across the United States. Sex education can prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. In the 1990’s AIDS reached pandemic proportions. Sex education teaches teens how to prevent the spread of the virus and other venereal diseases by practicing safe sex and teaches the consequences of not practicing safe sex. Teens learn about using condoms and the signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. This results in safer practices and an increased awareness of the risks of sexual activity. Sex education can reduce the number of teen pregnancies in the United States. Teen pregnancy has been publicized on MTV’s “Teen Mom” by showing the consequences of having a baby while still in school. These teens drop out of high school and struggle financially to take care of their newborns. Sex education teaches teens about the responsibility of taking care of a baby. Students are given “life-like” dolls that stimulate infants. The doll cries when needing to be changed, fed, or put to sleep. The student must insert a key into the doll to keep it from crying. These dolls teach teens about responsibility and the work it takes to care for a newborn. This exercise helps to enhance the teens experience and helps to

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