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Sex Education Even though many people believe that sex education in schools triggers off sexual intercourse or provides an absent of teaching abstinence, sex education is vital. Teaching sex education in schools will encourage teens to be cautious of what decisions they make. When it comes to sex education in schools, there are those who believe it promotes sex, while others believe it is a leading opportunity for those whom, may otherwise, have no knowledge or teaching of sex and the human body. One aspect that both sides can agree on is the fact that knowledge is the key to everything. Being informed enables each person to make sound decisions regarding abstinence, contraceptives, and prevention. The sound of STDs usually frighten everyone. Most students have some knowledge on STDs but do not know all of the facts. “With the pervasive use of sex as a marketing too land the romanticizing of “worry-free sex” in magazines, on television, and in the movies, it is easy to see why sexual promiscuity has increased greatly of the past 50 years. But the tragedy that generally goes unpublicized is the accompanying rampant spread of sexually transmitted diseases(STDs).”(Bankowski 19) Since sex is such a broad topic in today’s society, teens should be well aware of what STDs are and what they can do to the body. A sex education class in schools will teach teens all they need to know about STDs. In most schools, if teens hear the term STD most of them immediately become attentive because they know it can harm the body. A person can get a STD by having unprotected sex with an already infected person and other ways as well. “More than 12 million Americans, including 3 million teenagers are infected with an STD each year.”(Bankowski 20) Teens also need to know that all STDS are not curable such as: genital herpes, hepatitis b, Human Papilloma Virus, and Human

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