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Sex education is a program that usually is taught to junior high or high school kids in a health class. The point of sex education is to keep these kids informed and well aware of the negative outcomes of sex. There are so many aspects that kids are not informed about and usually end up hearing the wrong information from friends or classmates. Statistics show that when kids are not informed about unplanned pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases they are more likely to contract one or become pregnant. Sex education also tries to help steer kids in the right direction when it comes to relationships and sexual intimacy. Many kids think they are ready to have sex at a very young age and although we cannot stop them from doing what they feel is right, making sure they know about safe sex practices will be more likely to reduce negative outcomes. Kids that did have sex education in their schools were more likely to practice safe sex and to motivate others to practice safe sex as well. There is a huge argument going on about whether or not this program should be in schools. Many parents feel that sex education is something that should not be in school because it violates students’ modesty and innocence. Some parents also do not want their children learning about sex education because of religious values and/or the parents want to teach their children themselves. Some parents, however, feel that these kids do need this in schools because they do not feel comfortable enough to talk to their own kids. Some schools have programs where older kids, perhaps high school kids teaching junior high kids, teach the sex education. Younger kids are more likely to listen and respect people closer to their own age group. I remember in junior high when we went through this section in my health class we would have high school students come over and talk to us about sex. It was

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