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Whitney Schull Wells Basenberg SOCI 3156 6/14/2012 Sex Education I feel as though I learned about sex at an earlier age (six). Mainly because my older sister had been molested by a neighbor, before she told anyone she told me. I can still remember it like yesterday when she tried to explain to me what happened. “He told me to come inside to have a cup of tea and come cookies, I did not think he was going to touch me,” my sister said. I was told that this neighbor of ours put his fingers in her vagina and in her anal. That was my first time ever really hearing about sex. Seeing how hurt my sister was I did not think I would ever have sex, or want anything to do with it. However, in the seventh grade all that change. It is a requirement in middle school to take Health as a class, at least at Mundy’s Mill Middle School. In this class is where I saw my first penis. I was astonished at how little it looked ,especially from listening to certain songs referencing to “big dicks.” This health class that I took back in 2002 was more comprehensive than abstinence-only. We learned about sexual transmitted diseases. I remember sitting there watching a clip on a girl who was diagnosed with herpes. It was the worst thing my little 12 year old eye’s could have seen. After seeing that video, I remember the teacher passing out condoms around the room. No one had any clue on to what to do with them. Then we was shown through a video, once again, how a condom is used for our protection. In this class there were a lot of pictures and videos. Honestly I think pictures and videos are the best source on teaching sex education to someone. While taking this class, one semester, I learned a lot of things. Not only about sex but about my body and how I need to treat it. We learned about hormones and testosterone. I really enjoyed taking this class. This class

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