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What is taught in sex education in schools in Wales compared to Holland? Sex Education in Wales-A survey was coordinated by the University of Edinburgh and with the results they discovered that many teens were failing to use contraception when having sex and 1 in 5 who taken the survey said they had never used contraception before. The question to be asked here us why Welsh teens have so little knowledge about the consequences of sex. Sex Education is compulsory in Secondary school and is a part of basic curriculum. The National Assembly of Wales suggested the following guidelines. • Preparing both boys and girls for puberty • Preparing girls for menstruation before their periods start • Access to information about contraceptive information, advice and confidential services • The moral and emotional information aspects of abortion and how to access a relevant agency if necessary • The risks of STI’s, including HIV/AIDS and information about prevention, diagnosis and treatment • What safe sex is and why it is important. From personal experience I haven’t had sex education lesson on the guidelines given by the government. Sex education in Holland- Dutch children are taught about sex from a young age, but opt to have sex at a later age. Sex education in Holland leaves nothing to the imagination and questions can be answered about sex in lessons as the teachers aren’t held down by a national curriculum, there is even condom demonstrations for 11 year olds. Sex education happens outside of school too, in special youth clubs. What's more the Dutch are very open; it's not hard for most Dutch teenagers to discuss sex with their parents. They can also easily get confidential and non-judgmental treatment and contraceptives. However in Wales sex and sex education is still a sensitive subject and there are barriers between young people and their

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