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Yes, sex eduction needs to be implemented in Indian schools quickly, as the amount of rapes happening in India is quite unbelievable. It is the worst thing to happen. Implementing sex education in Indian schools would make life more safe in India, especially nowadays teen sex is increasing and due to lack of information and shyness, teenagers are getting infected with AIDS and young girls are getting pregnant, when they just intent to have sex for passion and enjoyment and not for getting pregnant. One of my friend asked me a couple of days back that if government will implement sex education in schools, would there be a situation like Kamasutra but I told him no, as I think sex education has more to do than Kamasutra. I am pretty sure if sex education is implemented in India, they are not going to teach Kamasutra. Sex education is about taking precautionary measures and making children aware of what it is all about and it is not about encouraging children to have sex. On the other hand, Kamasutra totally provides instructions on how to do sex in different positions and styles for pleasure of your partner. Sex education is quite important, especially in India. Having the knowledge can stop AIDS and in some way make the society more open and rapes can be avoided to an extent. AIDS and HIV are rampant in India. Unless and until young people know about sex and self-protection from a responsible teacher, they will listen to crap half-baked knowledge spread from peer-to-peer and get themselves in trouble. It is not like no school offers sex education. There are schools which have started offering sex education in India. In some schools, it is a part of the Health subject in CBSE and other boards of education in India. Lack of sex education can have severe consequences. I remember some days back it was in the news and media, a girl committed suicide because she

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