Sex Ed By Anna Quindlen Analysis

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She was only seventeen, an empty look in her eyes and a worn expression showing on her pale still plump from baby fat face. From across the clinic she felt eyes that were not only my own criticizing her as her toddler scream ruthlessly at her helpless calming words while one hand lay hopeless on her swollen belly. This is not the first young girl the world has witnessed alone and dreamless because of a few rowdy minutes with a boy. This is an example of a never ending epidemic that seems cannot be stopped. Children having children, grandparents raising their grandchildren while the mother or father run wild trying to live the youthful life they forfeited recklessly. There are many parts that equal to this mind numbing equation; what were they taught, were they taught, did they know, did they use precautions, or did they just not care. All of these and many more thoughts come into mind when a young teenager walks by with a child that is clearly their own. There is one important thing in life, and that is knowledge. It is by the knowledge we gain or witness others gain that we…show more content…
1-2). The thought of sexual education ending teenage pregnancy is immature and a step below wishful thinking. There is nothing that can be physically done to teenagers to keep them from having sex short of strapping a metal chastity belt onto them like in the classic movie “The Princess Bride.” Although being educated is a wonderful thing, education alone cannot stop teenagers from becoming pregnant. Like the old adage says, “You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink.” Teenagers can be drilled with sexually transmitted diseases, the risks of pregnancy, and the responsibility of parenthood, but that alone will not keep children from having their own

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